Saturday, June 30, 2007


How kind of you to return, with the scant hope that perhaps I've posted even a scrap of a morsel of some news, happy for the most fleeting of pictures...even one of Fish would do. (Larkin has a red angel fish. I think its name is Fish, but I'm not entirely sure.) I have no pictures of Fish.

Speaking of Larkin, she and her cousins are in the other room alternating between gasping and screaming and laughing and maybe crying, as they watch a horror film called The Messengers. I know it involves farm tools, which can be extremely terrifying. Last I checked, they were all clinging to each other under 3 blankets. I declined to watch it as T is away in Vancouver (Doing what I did--see previous post--but with more soccer and jazz. And beer.) and I can become a big baby after watching a horror movie. The kids have each other, and I don't think they want me squeezing into bed with them tonight, afraid to sleep alone.

But back to the subject of me not blogging since before going on a leave of absence over 2 weeks ago. I have nothing to offer as an excuse. Wait, let me think for a minute if that's true. Hmmm. Yup, I really couldn't tell you why I dropped the blall right when it would seem I finally have time for more creative endeavors. Maybe it was my semi-shell shocked state for the first week or so of freedom. It was more than a little unsettling how quickly and easily I could disappear from a world I'd so heavily invested in. It's a reality check, an ego check. Everyone is replaceable. I've got to find my own place. But enough about that.

Had a great time today at the zoo with Max, Maya and Rowan. Played in the park after and the kids climbed trees.

We met up with Emilie and Malcolm and their little guy, Owen. He's super cute and I got to hold him a bunch. That's just good for the soul, holding a baby. It's like you absorb a little of their life essence or something. (Dark Crystal anyone? Gelflings?)

Uncle Em rode by on Big Bird for a little visit. Played some frisbee with the kids, chatted up Owen's visiting grandma. -k8-

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

sabbatical survey

What should I do during my 3 months off?
All suggestions will be considered.
Please comment below.

Meanwhile, here's some shots from the recent past...

Rowan mid-flight at the Green Lake playground. I know it's blurry, but man, what an action shot!

Here's Pat showing me around Chihuly's boathouse studio, where she occasionally gets asked back to work for special events, though she left Dale's employ a few years ago. The table is over 80 feet long, cut from an old growth doug fir he found in Alaska.

I love this shot of my city kids waiting for the Metro.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

groundhog day

Charlie packed up the Silver Weenie before hitting the road with Toby on Thursday morning. It was a wonderful visit and I was especially glad to have him here to talk with during a time of great transition for me, whatever that ends up meaning.*

Anyhoo, I got this terrific email from him this morning and had to share. He's on his way east to DC to be with his mom for her 92nd birthday.

"Lovely overnight stay in the natl. forest east of Butte, MT. Got up, had coffee, Tobes and I get in the truck, start the engine. Crash, bang! Terrible noises from the engine. Turned it off. Chirp, chirp, continues the engine. Pop the hood. There's a ground hog ensconced under the fan, and 6 blades on the fan broken off. Chirp, chirp goes the fellow. And I can't get at him to remove him. He doesn't appear harmed. So I start the engine and limp back into Butte and the local Chevy place. All work stops while everyone is enthralled with my plight. Finally they call the spca officer who comes out and tho they get the little bugger out of my truck, he's loose in the service department with ten men running around trying to capture him. Finally trap him and he's off back to the forest. Meanwhile, I sit here waiting for a new fan to be installed. Right. Guess who is going to open the hood henceforth before starting the engine! And guess who is very unlikely to ever crawl into another engine compartment! Love you, Da"

You can't make this stuff up. Well, you can, but I know I didn't and I'm pretty sure he didn't either.

Another funny thing from this morning. I was lying in bed and Tim was in the kitchen making tea. I heard this snippet of conversation...

Rowan: Hey dad, can you get me, uh...

Tim: An apple?

Rowan: Yeah, that's took the words right out of my mouth, T.M.!

*Two days ago I requested and was immediately approved for a 3 month leave of absence from work. I'm still in a mild sort of shock that I actually asked and that they actually said yes. It begins next Thursday. Huh-what?