Wednesday, February 27, 2008

no garfield is good garfield

I detest Garfield. I mean the comic strip cat, not the musically precocious Seattle high school. Why? Is it the perpetual mean-spirited humor? Is it the way he regularly abuses the dog character, who's portrayed as a drooling idiot? Is it the pathetically cat-strated Jon, Garfield's master, who makes me want to burn those books? Yes, it's all of that. But it's more.

Rowan loves Garfield. No, he doesn't just love Garfield...borrowing from Woody Allen, he lurves, loaves, absolutely luufs Garfield! And we have a house rule: if he'll read it, it will come. So the house is full of Garfield books. Which I could handle. Y'know, avert my eyes & such. Except that Rowan likes to read the "funny ones" out loud for others to "enjoy."

Hey, parenthood don't come for free; I know this. But I ask you, a combined total of over 50 hours in labor, all those diapers, the sleepless nights, the hospital trips, My God--the PTA MEETINGS... haven't I suffered enough?!

Apparently so. Because some internet angel saw fit to create, just for me & my kind, this New & Improved Garfield comic strip. If you are anything like me, you won't be disappointed. -k8-

Thursday, February 21, 2008

can I get the 4-1 on that?

I thought turning 41 would be a real downer. I mean, how boring is that? 41?! Yawn.

Boy, was I wrong. Dead wrong.

While drinking my morning tea, I finally got to open a big "don't open until 2/19!" box that had been taunting me for many days. It turned out to be a teapot commissioned by dear ol' Da, from a potter in London, Ontario who was his student back in the '70s. Doesn't it look handsome sitting between my 2 favorite Dryden Pottery pieces.

The day continued on the upswing as the family headed out on a hike northward with a soccer ball and both dogs, about 2 miles up the Interurban Trail, all the way to my new favorite taquerilla, El Carreton. (See previous post for a complete review of this fine eatery-in-a-bus.)

Later that afternoon, basking in the sun and breathing the crisp air, I enjoyed a long solo soak in the hot tub. Meanwhile, my very excellent husband created a fabulous feast that featured thai chili glazed salmon...mmmmm! Rowan was in charge of table decorations.

I made strawberry chocolate crepes for dessert. Cake schmake. Larkin presented me with a sprightly green knit cap so freshly finished that it was still warm!

Late that night I found Rowan had placed a final surprise on my bed. He explained the next day that he knew how great it was to get money for your birthday, but he wasn't sure if I'd gotten any, so he plundered his piggy bank.

From here, 41 doesn't look so bad. -k8-

Saturday, February 16, 2008

2008 shows me the love

I've been meaning to post more pictures and highlights from 2007, but 2008 keeps getting in the way! And what a loving, generous year it's been thus far.

Take this act of kindness, for example. We asked Chas if he knew the maker of his blue rocking chair, because we really liked it and wanted to track one down. A few days later he shows up at our door with the chair. His story was that when his new couch arrived, it made his living room too cramped. Riiiiiight...

Speaking of generous, but also of brave, here's Larkin at the wheel. I'm sitting in the passenger seat while she practices. That's the generous, brave part.

Does anyone tire of seeing this animal love fest?

Many days before Valentine’s Day™, Tim came home with these beautiful tulips for me. I love spring flowers above all others.

Here's the view while saying the pledge of allegiance at our local caucus. Hadn't said it in many years, but it came right back. I will whole heartedly support either democratic candidate, but I have to say after the caucus experience that there are some folks out there who have gone completely Obomkers. Clintonians appeared to be more of the nose-to-the-grindstone, let's-get this-current-mess-cleaned-up, type people, while the Obomites have their heads in the clouds with their eyes toward the future. A lot to be said for either perspective, though I prefer a mix of both. I think it would be too much to hope for to have the two as running mates, but I am still hopeful one of them will at least ask Edwards to partner up.

We attended the annual BHS Music Program spaghetti dinner benefit. Larkin performed in 2 choirs, and we enjoyed fellowship with a few friends who came to show their support. None was more supportive than little Eli (photo credit: Rowan Murray).

I thoroughly and completely destroyed Tim the other night in a brutal Scrabble battle. He even tried desperately to get points for "presatanized." Would anyone have allowed that? It seemed like blatant capitalization of my brilliance, and anyway, when would you ever use that word? "He seemed like such a nice boy when he was presatanized. Once he was satanized, things really went down hill." Tim got back at me yesterday, though, by beating me in 5 straight games of racquetball.

Many folks know about my love for Highway 99 and my intentions to someday write its history, titled, Highway 99: Route 66 Turned Upside Down. One can always find historical hotspots along its stretches. Take this gas station I passed the other day. Time warp!

Another Hwy 99 treasure: an old school bus converted to a Mexican restaurant. You can order to-go out the side window, or you can step inside for a sit down meal. That's what I did. And whoa, 4 carne asada tacos and a Coke for 4.49? You'd pay that much in Tijuana! The Mexican couple that run it are warm and friendly. He takes the orders while she does the cooking. !Muy Bueno!

We loved seeing Emma's play performed at the Seattle Rep. She was one of 4 high school students who's plays were selected for professional performance. Emma's was particularly funny.

Snow has been a more regular visitor this winter. I took this shot from our deck and didn't alter the colors at all. What a captivating light there was that day!

Rowan created this snowman all by himself. You can see the pride of workmanship on his face.

The sounds of the birds in our trees can be deafening some mornings. When you watch this, turn the volume up to eleven. -k8-